9th Making Cities Liveable Conference 2016

The 9th Making Cities Liveable Conference will be held in at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park from the 27-28 June 2016. The Making Cities Liveable Conference supports improving the quality of life in our capitals and major regional cities, focusing on healthy, sustainable, resilient and liveable cities, with discussions on improving the quality of life in our capitals and major regional cities.

The 2015 Program examined the challenges, opportunities, trends and issues currently facing sector professionals and was our biggest yet with over 320 delegates attending. The program included 8 keynote speakers, 53 concurrent presentations, 23 poster presentations and closed with an interactive panel discussion. More information on the 9th Making Cities Liveable Conference will be announced towards the end of 2015.

Australians enjoy some of the most liveable cities in the world, however the future and liveability of our cities face a number of challenges in the future. Delegates and speakers are invited to come together as we address these issues of increased populations demands, affordable and adequate housing, transport and mobility, job disbursement, resource management, public health and planning for an ageing population. With three-quarters of Australians living in 18 major cities, the way cities are developed is vitally important to accommodate future growth and change. The conference will examine the challenges, opportunities, trends and issues currently facing cities and future development.

The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc would like to thank all of those who participated in this year’s Conference; the speakers who provided very beneficial, powerful and thought-provoking presentations, the dedicated efforts of our sponsors and supporters, our Conference Chair Paula Drayton and Committee Members.  Without the huge efforts of those involved this event would certainly not be possible.

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The Making Cities Liveable Conference is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc, a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

2015 Keynote Speakers

  • The Right Honourable Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, City of Melbourne
  • Mr Jonathan Daly, Founding Partner, Human Understanding of Social Spaces (HUSS)
  • Lucinda Hartley, Co-Founder and CEO, CoDesign Studio
  • Prof Paul James, Director, United Nations Global Compact, Cities Programme
  • Mr Kevin Luten, Founder, CEO, Behaviour Design Works
  • Yvonne Lynch, Team Leader Urban Forest & Ecology, City of Melbourne
  • Dr Alex Macmillan, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Health, University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Prof Gavin Turrell, Principal Research Fellow, School of Public Health, QUT
  • Dr Tim Williams, Chief Executive Officer, The Committee of Sydney


What delegates said about the 2015 conference

“I can’t say enough positive things about the variety of presenters and presentations. It was good to hear some research, but it was mixed with so much practical content which is what I love. Not one presenter was boring – some were exceptional”

“Very engaging and fulfilling”

“I have to say that this was one of the best conferences I have been to (and I’ve been to a few). Usually after a couple of days sitting and listening I feel quite “presentationed out” but it was quite the opposite; I felt energised and excited to get back to life and start implementing and sharing. Great to have such a variety of attendees with a common passion – I felt like I found my people!”

 “Great mix of local and state government and private/NGO speakers – a real strength of the program”

“Challenged my ideas, gave me some fantastic new contacts, and ideas to implement when back in the office.”

“Good to have a conference that covered and linked so many professions and knowledge bases.”


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