9th Making Cities Liveable Conference 2016

Change drivers meet to make a difference

The 9th Making Cities Liveable Conference; Generating a mood for change wrapped up after two days of discussion and collaborative learning with an overall focus on creating healthy, sustainable, resilient and liveable cities.

Paula_DraytonConference Chair, Paula Drayton, Director, Resource Advisory welcomed over 230  delegates to the 2016 Conference which supports improving the quality of life in our capitals and major regional cities.

In her opening address, Paula commented on the uncanny timing of our event, somewhere between the international news on Brexit and with a Federal election just days away.

With 80 speakers over two days, the Conference was a great opportunity for attendees to examine and discuss issues that impact liveable city design and take part in creating a mood for change.

Jeremy McLeod, Director, Breathe Architecture captivated the audience as he spoke about the highs and lows of undertaking ‘The Commons’ apartment project with its environmental design response and combined unique financial model.   The recipient of the 2016 AAAA Leadership in Sustainability Prize left the delegates wanting to hear more next year about his Nightingale Apartments project.

Dr Elliot Fishman, Director, Institute for Sensible Transport outlined the future with a huge rate of drop off from young people obtaining drivers licenses and buying cars and a world with autonomous vehicles where we can elect to have alternative city streetscapes screened across the windows.

On day two Six Degrees Architects Director Peter Malatt, took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves, providing an impassioned plea that radical change is needed in design deliverability to achieve genuine liveability and Ben Peacock, Founder and Partner, Republic of Everyone provided his wonderful insight into campaigns that are encouraging more sustainable behaviour in cities and how a simple concept can make change really happen. Ben took the delegates on a journey from garden waste through to the marvel of community garage sales, compost and the backyard vege garden.

Feedback was extremely positive and with a wide range of topics addressed delegates took away ideas and tools to help implement change.

Who Should Attend

  • Policy Makers
  • Urban Designers
  • Politicians
  • Senior Public Servants
  • City Governance Personnel
  • Public Health Administrators
  • Academics
  • Waste Management Professionals
  • National Resources Administrators
  • Planning Professionals
  • Environmental Groups
  • Engineers
  • Sustainability Practitioners
  • Business Development Managers
  • Transformation Leaders
  • Environmental Managers
  • Consultants
  • Social Planners
  • Town Planners
  • Mayors
  • Non-Government Agencies
  • Students
  • Coastal Resource Managers
  • Place Makers

Why You Should Attend

  • Be exposed to new and innovating ideas and ways of thinking
  • Network with your peers and leaders in their fields
  • Be inspired
    • by an optimistic, action orientated group of people
    • by profound and positive speakers
  • Learn key skills needed for ensuring the future
  • Learn how to make a positive difference

The Making Cities Liveable Conference is an initiative of the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc, a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation.

2016 Sponsors and Exhibitors

aurin Solar Bins Australia (Bigbelly Solar)
PopCar Logo Routledge (Informa)
Australian-Forestry-web EnviroGroup-web

The Committee would like to thank the 2016 Keynote Speakers

  • Mrs Sarah Breavington, Group Sustainability Manager, Mirvac
  • Dr Elliot Fishman, Director of Transport Innovation, Institute for Sensible Transport
  • Mr Peter Malatt, Director, Six Degrees Architecture
  • Mr Jeremy McLeod, Director, Breathe Architecture
  • Mr Ben Peacock, Founder and Partner, Republic of Everyone
  • Dr Sheryn Pitman, Programme Manager, Inspiring South Australia, South Australian Museum
  • Professor Susan Thompson, Professor of Planning and Director, City Wellbeing, City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales
  • Mr Martin Udale, Director of Tamaki Regeneration, Director of Panuku Development Auckland and Chair of Wairaka Land company, New Zealand

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